Charlie and the Chocolate Factory


Directed By Andrew Murphy

Like children everywhere, Charlie Bucket adores chocolate but, sadly, his family is so poor that they can only afford to buy him one bar a year, on his birthday. What makes poor Charlie’s longing even worse is that he has to walk near the best chocolate factory in the world—the secretive Willy Wonka’s—every day. When Charlie’s father loses his job, things go from bad to worse. One day, Willy Wonka announces that he has hidden golden tickets in five Wonka Bars, with the prize of a tour of the factory for the five lucky winners. The sale of Wonka Bars rockets, Wonka-mania encircles the globe, and one by one the tickets are found: by greedy Augustus Gloop, bratty Veruca Salt, gum-chewing Violet Beauregard, and television addict Mike Teavee. But there is still one golden ticket to find. Charlie’s desperation to be able to buy a Wonka Bar and hopefully find the final golden ticket is a feeling that all children (and their parents) know.

The inside of the chocolate factory is magical, with its themed rooms, amazing chocolates and sweets, the Oompa-Loompas (the fun-loving little people who work in the factory), and Willy Wonka himself. The well-deserved, weird fates of the naughty children who tour the factory are hilarious, and the gruesome methods that have to be used to squeeze or stretch them back to normal are graphically illustrated. The Oompa-Loompahs are like a surreal Greek chorus as they regularly break into moralizing songs to comment on the children’s misbehaviour.


The Candy Lady Fay Barnes
Narrator 1 Kerri-Anne Barnes
Narrator 2 Stella McCurdy
Willy Wonka Josh Cairns
Charlie A Jonathan Manning
Charlie B Matthias Auld
Augustus Gloop Lucca Ballara
Mrs Beauregarde Zoe Nesterovitch
Violet Rachel O’Brien
Mrs Salt Brenda Suttill
Mr Salt Alex Iggo
Veruca A Sadie McLoughlin
Veruca B Isabel Taylor-Harris
Mrs Teavee Fay Barnes
Mike Teavee Abby Lacey
Grandpa Joe Caleb Langley
Grandma Josephine /                                      Oompa Loompa Aashma Goldfarb
Grandpa George/                                             Oompa Loompa Will Gibson
Grandma Georgina /                                                      Oompa Loompa Maisie McIntosh
Mrs Bucket Shahanna Holley
Mr Bucket Libby Scott
Crowd 1 & Oompa Loompas Avalon Suttill
Crowd 2 Marion Langley
Oompa Loompas Walter McLoughlin
Oompa Loompas Briar Lacey
Oompa Loompas Ava Strieker
Oompa Loompas Luca Maxwell
Oompa Loompas Harriet Reid
Oompa Loompas Pieta Reid
Oompa Loompas Thomas Rutherford