Drama Stars Senior 2015


Cindy A Modern Day Hero

Senior Syndicate
Written and Directed by Myah Guy-Oakes

Four performances, four roles.

Cindy A modern Day Hero was a hilarious melodrama of the classic fairy tale Cinderella.

The bar was set high for these young actors and actresses ranging in ages from 12 to 18 and they did not disappoint.

To add a new dimension to this set of performances it was decided that each cast member would play a different role for each show.  It didn’t matter whether you were male or female.  Whatever role you pulled out of the hat it was yours!

And play them they did!  From start to finish the cast had the audience in side splitting fits of laughter.  Each show took on a life of its own as each actor portrayed his or her character with pure artistry.  This was a true test of ability and talent.

Cindy, our heroine gets stuck with an ugly step mother and step sisters when her father suddenly dies.  Her meeting with the very spoilt, doted on handsome prince does not quite go as planned and Cindy finds herself thankfully single and independent.


Shahana Holley

Kerri-Anne Barnes

Jessie Robb

Elizabeth Ellison

Alex Iggo

Anna Carson

Joshua Cairns

Jacob Murdoch

Danielle Musgrave

Amelia Plimmer

Harmony Beaven