101 Dalmatians



Written by Doddie Smith and Directed by Fay Barnes.

Set in Christchurch and Canterbury. Follow Pongo and his wife, Missis and their idyllic life with their human pets, Mr and Mrs Dearly.

An inopportune meeting with the evil Cruella de Vil leads to the stealing of the families puppies by two dastardly but somewhat dim villains.

The twilight bark goes out!
15 Puppies stolen!

All Canterbury are on the lookout for the missing puppies.


Mr Dearly Joshua Cairns Sargent Cat Abby Lacey
Mrs Dearly Abigail Eastmond Dancing Cats Zoe and Quentin
Cook Zoe Nestlerovitch Colonel Sheepdog Alex Iggo
Cruella De Vil Jorja Farrant Terrier Benjamin Elliott
Missis Kerri-Anne Barnes Billie Kalani Hansen
Pongo Evan Elliott Lucky Ailsa Bianco
Butler Quentin Rodriguez Winsome Maisie McIntosh
Persian Cat Lisa Giles Patch Lara Cuddy
James Caleb Langley Rolly Polly Lauren Smith
Perdita Shahanna Holley Bossy Isabel Taylor-Harris
Retriever Ciaran Thomas Narla/Maid Johanna Robson
Spaniel Sophie Dawson Buddy Rawiri MacDonald
SaulFido Sefton Wesley Spot Jnr Liam MacDonald
Jasper Jonathan Manning Lily Evie MacDonald
Sir Charles Matthias Auld Buster Kael Vallance
Lieutenant Cat Spiral Burt Wirtitsh Cheeky Sarah Luxton
Fido Sarah Luxton Clumsy Fraser Smith